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Proper Lock and Key Use

Proper Lock and Key Use
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Many people end up with broken office or home keys and damaged locks simply because they do not operate these devices correctly. Even though they are made from metal, they are not perfectly protected from damage, malfunctioning and breakage. When you use them properly, the risk of such issues is many times lower. At the same time, this is easier than you think.

Basic Techniques to Master

Proper Lock and Key UseIt all begins with the insertion of the key. Check to confirm that there is no dirt stuck into the grooves and that it is not chipped or bent. Stand right in front of the door lockset and insert the key directly into the keyway slowly. You should not attempt to insert the blade from the side as you can easily scratch the face of the cylinder. This, in turn, increases the risk of damage. If you feel any kind of obstruction in the entry of the blade, you should stop making attempts to insert it before you get the appropriate lock fix. If you believe that the lock is frozen, you should rub alcohol on both the cylinder and the blade and try again.

Once the entire blade is inside the keyway, you should turn the key slowly into the required direction. Do not apply force on the bow, especially to the sides. This increases the risk of breakage immensely. If you need to use a bit of extra force, you should apply it in forward direction rather than to the side. In general, if the lock seems sticky or jammed, you should stop making attempts and opt for immediately lock repair. You would not want to make the problem worse, but to have it resolved as soon as possible.  

One of the major mistakes people make is to use the key as a handle once the door is unlocked. You should never hold it and push the door in or out as the item can break extremely easily. Release it, take the handle and operate the door. This generally simple routine may take some time to learn, but eventually it will turn into a habit. One really important thing is to operate the handle with clean hands every time. In this way, you will have to provide cleaning less often.

With careful handling, you will not have to opt for lock and key replacement as often as before. You will enjoy lower risk of lockout as well. The security of your property will be optimal at all times.

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