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Listed below are frequently asked questions about locks, keys, and locksmith services. Each question is addressed for your understanding.

Why is it important to secure the yard?

Intruders pass through the yard to get access to the house. If it's well-lit, has motion detectors and security cameras installed at all entry points, it's highly unlikely that burglars will want to go through all this trouble. They are discouraged and also suspect the door locks are reinforced. This is important, too. Call our experts for home security reinforcement.

Why should I make key duplicates?

It's best to have extra keys of your home or even your office and certainly of your car. They will help you during lockouts or when you are in a hurry to go and can't find the keys. It's best though to keep them in safe places so that potential burglars won't find them. Our specialists suggest avoiding keeping car keys in the vehicle.

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